Five Phase Approach

Organizational Transformation Flow Chart

Phase 1: Gaining a Shared Vision

Provide organizational leaders with an understanding of the Five Phase Approach, gain their support for Phase 2, identify one or two improvement objectives and a respected manager to champion the initiative.

Phase 2: Trying it Out – Pilot Projects

With support from internal or external experts successfully complete one or more pilot process improvement projects which achieve significant and measurable improvements in performance and the engagement of participating employees. Staff the improvement project with respected front-line workers who work in the project area to be improved and provide them with relevant and timely training in process analysis and improvement tools and methods.

Phase 3: Building the Foundation

Establish and train an internal process improvement expert group (IEG) in leading and facilitating the implementation of the five phase approach. Provide all employees with training in process analysis and improvement and supervisors with training in leading process improvement projects. Establish a strategic planning process which enables employees to participate in setting improvement goals that support the organization’s strategic objectives.

Phase 4: Implement the Strategic Plan

Utilize the capabilities gained in the previous phases to implement improvements that help achieve the organizations objectives, realize substantial bottom-line savings, and help develop the employee engagement and work culture needed for long-term success. Enhance the IEG’s competency to the level needed to internally lead ongoing improvement efforts.

Phase 5: Sustaining the Effort

Sustain process improvement efforts tomaintain and improve performance and employee engagement.