Question: How Do Soft Skills Influence a Project’s Bottom-line Performance?


Project Performance Measures

Actual vs. planned schedule First-time phase passes
Actual vs. planned cost Number of change orders
Product acceptance Compliance with standards

Project Processes

Defining deliverables Setting resource limits
Defining project scope Establishing project team
Creating project plan Assessing potential risks
Monitoring progress Resolving problems
Communicating information Closing out the project

Problem solving/process improvement

The ability to identify priority improvement areas and to cost-effectively solve problems and improve processes

Self-organizing teams

The ability of individuals and groups to provide the situational leadership needed to adapt the way work is being done to best fit changing circumstances

Human Effectiveness Capabilities

An organization’s Human Effectiveness Capabilities influence the ability to self-organize, improve processes and solve problems and the operation of the organization’s network of processes. Improving these capabilities is a primary enabler of the improvement of bottom-line performance.

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