Organizational Capabilities Model

Harvard Business Review

While most executives see a clear need to improve employee engagement, many have yet to develop a tangible way to measure and tackle this goal.

OLC’s Organizational Capabilities Assessment

OLC has developed such an assessment which has been statistically validated and used successfully on numerous improvement projects and organizational wide assessments.

The Organizational Capabilities Assessment was developed in the Electric Power Research Institutes Process and Quality Improvement Applied Research Program.

It assesses Employee Engagement in five Organizational Capabilities which have a major influence on the organization’s ability to innovate and improve performance.

The Five Organizational Capabilities Assessed:

Change Readiness – the ability to change practices and processes, to be fully responsive to the needs of customers, and changes in the business environment.

Leadership – to influence and guide people by means of communication and example, to establish a shared purpose and to achieve it.

Customer Focus – recognize, understand and focus on the needs of customers, and suppliers who provide the organization’s products and services.

Systems Thinking – the way work activities interconnect with the activities of others to form processes that provide value to customers the impact of actions on the rest of the organization.

Teamwork – to be committed to a shared purpose and to work together in a spirit of cooperation and mutual support to achieve that purpose.

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