Realizing Our Future


This document originated as a dictated stream of consciousness in which I was trying to share with a friend the essence of what I’ve learned over the past 50 years on how we can work together to realize a happy and healthy and equitable world for ourselves and our children.

I was living and working in San Francisco in the summer of love in 1967 and with many others had a dream about building a happy and healthy and equitable world for all. What was missing was a practical societal evolutionary process to realize that dream. In the 1970s I participated in many groups searching for how to enable such an evolutionary process.

What I now believe is that the path forward for humankind is that at all levels in our relationships we need to build partnership organizations in which we learn to love ourselves, each other and as we do so incrementally contribute to human evolution.

In sharing my thoughts, I am drawing on a long career as a manager of large complex functional departments and projects in industry, 12 years as a professor teaching management at San Jose State University and many prestigious universities in Asia and over 20 years as a partner in the Organizational Learning Center

My hope is that you will choose to read and reflect on the various parts of this document and develop your own systems thinking view of both the challenge we face in building a positive future for ourselves and our children and insights on how we can do this together.

I suggest you view each section of this document as a separate thought for reflection. Each section has several key thoughts provided and I recognize there is some repetition of the information in the sections.

1. Alleviating the Symptoms of Societal ill Health and Eliminating the Root Cause

2. The Challenge of Embracing a Fundamentally Different Management Paradigm

3. Process Management And the Importance of Inner Wisdom And Creativity

4. The Living Organization

5. Organizational Evolution Theory

6. Understanding the Challenge of Developing a Partnership Culture

7. Conclusion Comments and Final Thought

8. Organizational Evolution-Food for Thought

9. Evolution of Human Context