Our Challenge


The purpose of the Inspired OD website is to provide OD professionals and organizational leaders with an overview of information on to how concurrently improve organizational prosperity, improve the well-being of society and our planet and contribute to the positive evolution of humankind. The information provided draws on over 35 years of applied research undertaken by the San Jose State University Center for Process and Quality Improvement and the Silicon Valley based Organizational Learning Center (OLC) consulting company.

An overview of the information provided is under the tab Human Evolution. This tab includes a description of the theory on how to facilitate prosperity and positive evolution of humankind.It describes the 3 legs in the stool of evolution.

The first leg of the stool is addressed under the sub tab Accessing Inner Wisdom. The second leg of the stool is addressed under the sub tab Learning to Be Better Partners and the third leg of the stool is addressed under the sub tab Defining Humankind’s Evolutionary Vision. Additional information on the first leg of the stool is provided under the tab Human Crucibles and more information on the 2nd leg of the stool is provided under the tab Realizing Our Future. The A network of PowerPoint charts is provided under the How tab. These charts were developed by OLC to help organizations learn how to transform themselves from a predominantly domineering organization to a partnership organization.

It is recognized that this is an extensive amount of information. You are encouraged to take it one step at a time and as you do so identify parts of the information you consider to be of value to your efforts as a business professional.

The sub tabs below provide additional information on the challenge we face in maintaining the well-being of our society and a plan for developing together an OD resource base of tools, methods and case studies on this website to support the development of partnership organizations. The OD Resource tab has information on an assessment of partnership capabilities developed by OLC which is proven to be in valuable in different organizational situations. Additional resources provided by others will be added under this tab.

Our Challenge

Developing An OD Resource Base