Hearing one’s inner wisdom

    Humankind throughout the ages has created what we call art in many forms. Art is a creation by the human spirit enabled by the knowledge and skills of the creator. The artist is able to hear the magic notes of their inner wisdom and give it form. Inner wisdom can be viewed as a quiet inner voice that guides our outer actions. The challenge of daily life create mental noise that blinds the ability to hear our personal inner wisdom and draw on it as a resource in guiding our actions. Many people choose to spend time doing yoga, tai chi or meditation to help still the outer noise and enable them to be awake to their inner wisdom. Many seek forms of recreation in nature for the same purpose. Ernest Hemingway used to write on the seashore. He was most creative immersed in nature with the roar of the waves masking outer interruptions to his creative process.

    Our ability to live and act in our daily lives where there are many sources of mental noise and still hear and recognize our inner wisdom is a fundamental capability for personally leading a happy, healthy and fruitful life.

Wholeness and Oneness

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