Wholeness and Oneness

    I respect that each of us from our life’s experiences gains a personal belief structure that we draw on in guiding our actions. My personal view is that all I can do is seeking to achieve a purpose individually or with others, is to be in what I refer to as a state of wholeness where there is harmony between my outer and inner wisdom. I also to believe when there is harmony between my personal outer and inner wisdom and between myself and others when we co-create that all is well. I to call this a state of oneness. I also believe when there is disharmony at the personal or partnership level it is not a time to decide who is right, but rather a time to learn together and find the pathway that is right, a pathway to oneness. This is a positive and exciting way to resolve disharmony and enable our personal evolution and contribute to the evolution of society.

Hearing one’s inner wisdom

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