Our challenge

We are facing a serious challenge in maintaining the well-being of our society. Leaders in the OD profession recognize this and it has influenced the theme of The 2023 international OD Summit which is; “We believe building a better world is the present and future of OD.”

OD professionals have traditionally focused on helping organizations prosper. However, it is now widely recognized that for organizations to prosper, we also have to maintain a prosperous society. OD professionals are challenged on “How” to concurrently help their organizations prosper and contribute to building a better world.

W Edwards Deming said that without a theory you’re just messing around. A theory can be considered as a plan for “How” to achieve a purpose. To gain support for achieving a plan it needs to have a clear purpose describing “What” the organization is trying to achieve and “Why” that purpose is sufficiently important to inspire leaders and employees to execute the plan. To successfully execute the plan the organization requires a proven methodology for accomplishing each of the activities in the plan.

Thus, to help organizations prosper and concurrently contribute to building a better world, OD professionals and organizational leaders need a plan that inspires them and a methodology for achieving each step in the plan.

Developing An OD Resource Base

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