OLC Associates

Robert McQueen: Dr. McQueen has over 20 years of industrial experience, including change management, organizational development, productivity and quality improvement, project management, operational management, engineering design, and technology development with Bechtel Corporation, General Electric Company, and FMC Corporation. He also has 15 years experience providing workshops and courses to San Jose State University College of Engineering students and onsite at companies such as Applied Materials, Cisco, and Hewlett Packard. He has also given workshops and courses in fields related to organizational management in Europe, Singapore, China, Malaysia, and India. He received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Leeds (England) in 1966 and a Master’s Degree in Human Resources and Organization Development from the University of San Francisco in 1986.

Ronald Murata: Mr. Murata has over 20 years experience in engineering design, technology development, engineering management, and project management with Lockheed Martin Corporation (Martin Marietta) and General Electric Company. He also has over 10 years experience in research and education in the field of project and process management with the Organizational Learning Center, ITU, and San Jose State University. He received his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Santa Clara University in 1970.

Laura Uden: Dr. Uden has over 15 years experience in leading organizational change projects, implementing process improvements, performing organizational assessments, and facilitating improvement teams. She also has over 10 years experience teaching project and process management, statistical process control, and organizational assessment at San Jose State University and in various Silicon Valley companies. She received her M.S. in Systems Engineering Management from SJSU in 1996 and her Ph.D. in Change Management from Salford University in Great Britain in 2005.