Our Philosophy

We believe that the health and well being of our society is built upon the success of business and industry.

We also believe that in today's competitive marketplace it is essential that business and industry have the capability to continually improve their products and services. Having this capability requires that the organization and its members establish a culture supportive of learning and the knowledge and skills needed to manage change.

We acknowledge the value of workshops and courses in providing people with new knowledge and skills. However, we believe that training is only useful when it is applied in daily work or in doing new things. This is because it has been proven that people only truly learn and change through gaining a new experience that they view as a better way, and consciously choose to adopt the better way.

We therefore believe that training is most effective if it is provided "just in time" to provide knowledge and skills people need to plan and implement improvements. Also, we believe that, to the extent possible, it is important for those who do daily work in the area where change is needed, understand what changes are planned, why they are important, and how the change may affect them. It is also helpful if some of the people affected by the change are involved in identifying, analyzing, and implementing the change. It is our experience that if people have an experience they view as a better way, they are more likely to become advocates and champions of the improvements they have experienced.

We view our primary role to be helping customers improve their internal capability to identify, plan, and lead change. This capability enables the organization to continually renew itself.