Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What do you mean by soft capabilities?

Soft capabilities are the human capabilities of employees that allow them to work efficiently and effectively together to improve performance by analyzing and solving problems and identifying innovations.

  1. What is the study going to be used for?

The organizational soft skills assessment will enable an organization to identify their strengths and weaknesses in areas important to achieving high performance.

We will publish a report on the organizational capabilities of the healthcare organizations surveyed, which will be available to all participating organizations. In the report, the names of the other organizations assessed will be kept confidential.

  1. What is the scope of the study?

The study will cover organizations that work in the healthcare system, i.e., insurance providers, health care providers, biopharmaceutical companies, medical and diagnostic laboratories, and other organizations that are part of the healthcare system.

  1. Why are you doing the study?

The purpose is to help organizations understand their current status in the soft capabilities that influence performance. We believe that improving soft capabilities is just as important as building an organization’s hard professional capabilities.