Insights From Assessment Results

There are multiple relationships between the 20 factors covered in the assessment. Our experience is that there are clear relationships between factor ratings, and these illuminate the root causes of problems influencing learning and improvement.

The following are examples of information that can be gained from factor ratings:

  • The degree to which employees feel free to express their ideas and opinions
  • Employee views on the willingness of supervisors/leaders to change
  • The degree to which employees consider the influence of their actions on the external customer
  • The degree to which employees know who their internal customers are
  • Employee knowledge of the needs of their internal customers, and whether they are meeting those needs
  • The degree to which employees understand the organization’s improvement goals and objectives
  • The degree to which employees believe they have the knowledge and skills needed to achieve change
  • The readiness of employees to risk doing things in a new way
  • Employee views on the likelihood of improvement efforts to be successful