Steps in the Healthcare Initiative

We have previously undertaken the development of a Soft Skills Benchmarking Resource (SSBR) for the Power Generation Industry but not for the Healthcare Industry. The following steps represent one possible approach for healthcare organizations to become familiar with the initiative and gain the information they need to decide to participate.

Step 1: Provide Information:

Provide interested healthcare organizations with an information brochure and direct them to the information available on this website.

Step 2: Provide Workshop

Provide interested healthcare organizations with a one- or two-hour workshop to assist in their understanding of the benefits of the soft skills assessment, the value of the Healthcare SSBR, and the systematic approach we have used successfully to help organizations build their skills.

Step 3: Plan for Collecting Data

Work with healthcare organizations that choose to participate in the initiative to develop the approach for collecting assessment data within their organization. We recognize some organizations may wish to collect data from different groups in the organization. Whenever possible, we request the participating organization to do the data collection, with our support as needed.

Step 4: Prepare Summary Report

Develop the SSBR benchmarking results, and a summary report covering all assessments performed as part of the initiative. The assessment results for participating organizations will be anonymous. The SSBR results and summary report will be made available to participating organizations.

Step 5: Prepare Confidential Participant Report

Prepare a confidential report for each participating organization, summarizing the results of the assessment. This report will include the overall benchmarking results, will describe where the participating organization falls within the benchmarking group, and will identify the organization’s strengths and weaknesses in the soft skills. If requested we will provide a workshop on the findings and the systematic approach we have helped organizations implement to improve their soft skills and their bottom-line performance.