Evolution of Human Context

This model identifies many of the people who contributed to advancing the knowledge and wisdom of humankind. The acceptance of this new knowledge by societies results in changing their “Context”.

Some contributions have been embraced in the visionary’s lifetime others even though scientifically based have often not been accepted in the visionary’s lifetime. It took the Catholic Church 300 years to embrace the ideas of Galileo Galilee.

Riane Eisler who shared her research in her book “The Chalice and the Blade”. Is one of the visionaries who advocated the development of a partnership organization.

1. Alleviating the Symptoms of Societal ill Health and Eliminating the Root Cause

2. The Challenge of Embracing a Fundamentally Different Management Paradigm

3. Process Management And the Importance of Inner Wisdom And Creativity

4. The Living Organization

5. Organizational Evolution Theory

6. Understanding the Challenge of Developing a Partnership Culture

7. Conclusion Comments and Final Thought

8. Organizational Evolution-Food for Thought

9. Evolution of Human Context

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