Organizational Evolution-Food for Thought

We need to understand that our partnerships are the school of life. We must find ways to effectively facilitate improvements in the level of organizational partnerships and in the multitude of purposes we seek to achieve in daily lives as the means of realizing sufficient prosperity to sustain the well-being of our society and foster positive human evolution.

This model illustrates the evolutionary process of organizational transition from domineering organizations to self-manage partnership organizations. The context within which organizations currently exist varies widely as does their ability ro create learning opportunities to build higher levels of partnership. Each organization ischallenged to develop a "Living Organization" thus providing professional workers with the knowledge, capabilities, and relationships to adapt efficiently and effectively to change.

1. Alleviating the Symptoms of Societal ill Health and Eliminating the Root Cause

2. The Challenge of Embracing a Fundamentally Different Management Paradigm

3. Process Management And the Importance of Inner Wisdom And Creativity

4. The Living Organization

5. Organizational Evolution Theory

6. Understanding the Challenge of Developing a Partnership Culture

7. Conclusion Comments and Final Thought

8. Organizational Evolution-Food for Thought

9. Evolution of Human Context

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