Consulting Support

Our consulting services are designed to build your company’s capability to achieve and sustain high performance.

Examples of Consulting Services

- Change Management: including change necessitated by relocations, reorganization and mergers, and support of the organization’s proactive effort to plan and implement change.

- Strategic Planning: including implementing a Key Objectives (Hoshin) strategic management approach that helps deploy and gain support for the organization’s strategic goals.

- Business Process Management (BPM) and Process Improvement: including clarifying and/or documenting existing business processes, improving processes and the integration between processes, reengineering processes, and improving the way processes are managed.

- Project Management: including project planning, work integration, control, monitoring, and close-out.

- Risk Reduction: including the reduction of risks from equipment failure and human error.

Contracting for Consulting Services

The following is a typical process for establishing a contract for our services:

1. Potential customers are requested to define the specific area in which they are seeking support and a description of the outcome they wish to achieve.

2. Potential customers and OLC arrange a meeting or telephone conference call to clarify the scope of the consulting services to be provided.

3. OLC provides a proposal for the consulting services to be provided for review and approval by the potential customer.

4. OLC contracts for providing support can be terminated by the customer at any time without the need for any justification.