High Performance Organizational Training

In order to achieve and sustain high performance levels in today’s competitive marketplace organizations need both excellent technical expertise and a management system that enables the organization to fully utilize the potential of its human and capital resources.

From OLC’s research the management system that is most effective in achieving high performance is one which focuses on managing the processes used to get work done. Focusing on managing processes rather than departments and tasks is a paradigm shift for many organizational leaders. Knowledge and skills needed to implement business process management is unfamiliar to many of today’s organizational leaders. OLC’s workshops and courses are designed to fill that knowledge gap.

Workshops and courses that enable the systematic implementation of Business Process Management (BPM):

  1. BPM Overview for Organizational Leaders (1 Day Workshop)
  2. Process Management and Improvement Certificate Course (4 Day Course)
  3. Basic Training in Process Definition and Improvement (2 Day workshop)
  4. Leading Process Definition and improvement projects(2 Day workshop)
  5. Hoshin Planning workshop (2 Day workshop)